BMW drivers urged to have airbags replaced

BMW dealers here will cover imported 3-Series models affected by the latest 1.6m global recall to replace potentially faulty front passenger airbags.

BMW drivers urged to have airbags replaced

In an unusual appeal, they are asking owners of a large number of imports, as well as the thousands driving Irish-bought cars, to contact a BMW garage.

The recall, for models made between May 1999 and August 2006, will affect thousands – possibly as many as 8,000 – but they won't have an exact figure until next week.

BMW owners with 07-registered cars should also check with garages to see if they are affected.

The airbags in affected cars, made by Japanese company Takata, will be replaced without cost amid fears their inflators could disintegrate during deployment and injure passengers. The recall extends one from last year involving 240,000 models globally for the same problem.

Airbags supplied by Takata have been at the centre of more than 12m recalls over the past five years.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "In recent years there have been many recalls for airbag related problems. Regardless of what type of air bag system a vehicle has, all motorists are urged to use their seat belts, to sit as far back as possible from the steering wheel, and to put infants and children 12 and under in the back seat."

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