Top Training Tips for Runners! Let’s get ready for The Great Pink Run!

Here at we are proud to be sponsors of Breast Cancer Ireland’s The Great Pink Run, taking place on August 27th in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. A wonderful and inspiring event that hopes to educate the public about the perils of breast cancer, promote support for sufferers and survivors as well as raise awareness.

Top Training Tips for Runners! Let’s get ready for The Great Pink Run!

Do your part and get involved by signing up to this year’s Great Pink Run and check out our top tips on getting run-ready just in time. If the thought of sprinting through a Dublin park sends a shiver down your spine, remember you can walk at a leisurely pace and even bring the kids and stroll it for a fun family day out! Getting involved doesn’t mean you have to be a super speedy fitness fanatic clad in neon lycra.

Get ready to ace the race with our top tips on running

Ready, set, Gym!

Apparently if you want to get a bit faster, putting in some time at the gym can certainly help. According to a Norwegian study, taking part in some resistance training three times a week can improve running efficiency as well as increase your endurance. If ever there was a reason to pick up a dumbbell, this might be it.

Get hilly with it!

Your journey to speed starts at the bottom of a hill. Both a metaphorical AND a physical one. Improve your fitness and get ready to take on The Great Pink Run by racing uphill! Pump your arms and take short strides to ease that struggle on your way to the top of that hill!

Splish Splash, I was taking a Bath…

Or rather, a swim. Taking a dip in the pool can make you a more efficient runner. Swimming can increase upper body strength and jogging in the pool can help reduce your chance of injury as it mimics the action of running but removes the impact. Who knew? Pity the same can’t be said of lounging in a Jacuzzi.


If you’re looking to increase your fitness levels as well as your speed, then taking a trip to the beach can actually improve your muscle tone. Try running on sand as the extra work to stay balanced on all that soft, shifting sand makes the body work harder and voila, better muscle tone.

Chill Out

My favourite part of any exercise regime is the relaxation after, or the relaxation instead of. It’s important to listen to your body and read the signals it’s sending you. If you’re feeling tired, it’s perfectly OK to take a break and skip your usual exercise routine. Resting is paramount.

Bottoms Up!

No, I’m not talking about the professional runner’s stance at the beginning of a big race. Downing enough water is important at the best of times and even more so when you’re exercising. Water should always be your first choice but for those hard-core fitness fans, a sports drink is very effective at getting some essential glucose to your tired muscles.

Read more about The Great Pink run here and sign up to get involved. Remember, it’s a fun and rewarding day out in Dublin for a very worthy cause.

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