Avoiding accidental damage this Spring

Spring has officially sprung and with the bank holiday weekend ahead of us many of you will use your time off to tackle DIY and brush up on the spring clean.

If you’re finally getting around to putting up those shelves and fixing the leak in the bathroom, remember that even with the best of intentions and fancy new tools, DIY can take an unexpected turn. Be aware that some plumbing and electrical work will not be covered if it’s completed by an amateur, therefore if you’re not too sure what you’re doing it’s probably best to avoid an accidental damage claim altogether and call in the professionals.

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Time off also means more time for family and friends, which often means more opportunity for accidental damage. A review of twelve years of claims data from its4women.ie reveals that accidental damage claims rise by 21% during holiday times, compared to any other time of year.

Accidental damage is damage that occurs suddenly from an unexpected and non-deliberate action. That means a computer that gives up the ghost cannot be claimed for, but it would be covered if it smashed after you accidently dropped in onto the floor.

One of the biggest culprits of accidental damage claims on home insurance policies are young children, and they don’t always have to be your own offspring. These little angles can have great imaginations, and sometimes extend their artwork master skills onto your wallpaper. If this sounds all too familiar, you might want to consider choosing some extra protection, just to be on the safe side.

How to make your car journey less stressful with kids!

Its4women.ie offer the option to add Accidental Damage cover to your Home Insurance policy so that in the event of an accident occurring to your home contents, we will cover the cost to repair or replace the damaged items. This coupled with our New for Old Home Insurance cover, which means we will replace items as new if destroyed by an insured event, ensures you are protecting your possessions to the highest extent.

It is important to note that accidental damage is completely different to wear and tear. Keeping that in mind, its4women.ie encourage homeowners to inspect in and around homes for wear and tear from this year’s harsh winter. Improperly maintained homes can lead to expensive repairs down the road, which may not be covered under any standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

“Your home is your most valuable asset therefore getting the right insurance is vital. The purpose of home insurance is to help you recover from sudden and accidental losses such as fire, smoke, storm, flood, or theft,” said Brand Manager Alex Todd. “Certain damage that results from maintenance-related issues, like water damage from a leaky roof or a cracked foundation may not be covered, as most policies say the policy holder is responsible from conducting regular preventive maintenance.”

Its4women.ie have developed the following tips to help you conduct outside maintenance around your home and reduce safety hazards:

  • Start by getting a professional to check your heating, gas, plumbing and electrical wiring to make sure everything in your home is up to scratch and doesn’t pose a fire risk
  • Remove clutter from storage areas to reduce fire hazards. Finding space for your camping gear and sports equipment also means you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them
  • Give your garden a helping hand to shake off winter and welcome summer. Inspect your garden for stones or other objects that could damage your lawnmower, or injure someone if launched from your lawnmower
  • Make sure to clean out your gutters to avoid a leaky roof and water damage to your home. Gutters serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape
  • Check your roof for any damaged, lose or missing tiles and have them replaced. A damaged roof can lead to water damage and damp within your home
  • Contact your insurance provider to review your homeowner’s policy to be sure you have the coverage you need, as home values and repair costs increase over time

For information on its4women.ie's Cover and Policy please visit the Home Insurance section on our website.

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