Benefits of Telematics for Parents (and young drivers)

If you’re a young driver or you’re the parents of one you’ll know that car insurance can cost thousands. Shopping around can cut costs. But some of the biggest savings come from choosing a telematics or ‘black box’ insurance policy.

Benefits of Telematics for Parents (and young drivers)

As we all know its hard being a parent, but it becomes easier if you know where your loved ones are and that they are driving sensibly. If your son or daughter have recently passed their test, or have borrowed the family car to visit a friend, then we suspect it would be a relief to know that they are safe.

We think you will agree it's important:

  • To know your children are safe behind the wheel
  • To know they will be fully assisted following an accident
  • To be focused on reducing the costs of motoring
  • To know the vehicle's location & safety when you cant see it
  • To know the car isn't going to let them down

So What’s On Offer?

BoxyMo Car Insurance is targeted at both young male and female drivers between the ages of 17 – 24.

How BoxyMo Works!

  1. Choose a set number of Kilometres
  2. Fit BoxyMo to the policy holder's car out of sight and free of charge
  3. BoxyMo monitors driving behaviour and rewards the policy holder for safe driving
  4. The better the policy holder's score the more "Reward Kilometres" they will receive

What You Get With BoxyMo Insurance!

  1. Theft tracking device to help find the car if it's stolen
  2. Accident alert to help keep the driver safe if involved in an accident
  3. Courtesy car while the car is being repaired by an approved repairer

BoxyMo will tell the policy holder each month how you are driving and give the driver a score out of 100. If the driver has a good score they can earn up to 300 "Reward Kilometres" per month. This will also help determine future premiums based on driving behaviour. Quite simply, better drivers are offered better deals.

Research has shown that young drivers are particularly vulnerable to accepting responsibility for incidents that weren’t their fault. Having telematics data that proves exactly where they were and how they were driving at the time is incredibly valuable.

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