Call for all motorists under 25 to have driving tracked by law

If you’re a young driver or you’re the parent of one, you’ll know that car insurance can often be quite pricey. Our sister company offer competitive car insurance for young drivers, by installing a GPS ‘black box’ device to your car and monitoring how you drive, and then reward good driving behaviours with lower premiums.

Call for all motorists under 25 to have driving tracked by law

It has recently been called for legislation to make such devices mandatory for all motorists under 25, claiming this will save lives as well as lower premiums for young drivers.

Former president of the High Court Nicholas Kearns said the use of telematics could successfully tackle motor insurance fraud and bring down the cost of cover. He said the use of such devices would mean that careful drivers were rewarded with lower premiums.

Telematics involves attaching a device, sometimes called a ‘black box’, to a car to monitor the location, movements, status and behaviour of a vehicle. The device records where it has travelled, how fast it has gone, how fast the brakes were applied, if the horn was used and whether the vehicle swerved or not.

The devices have also proved useful in detecting reckless driving, resulting in policy cancellations for numerous speedy drivers.

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