Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Driving during the winter months creates a multitude of different challenges. With more hours of darkness and poorer weather conditions motorists need to be more vigilant when out and about on the roads. Extreme weather at this time of the year can range from freezing fog, gale force winds, heavy rain, flooding and ice and snow.

The weather can change without much warning in Ireland, but there are some things you can do in advance to ensure that your car is ready for the winter months. Don’t get caught out this winter, its4women recommends you make some simple checks to your vehicle before winter sets in.

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Here are a number of simple precautions the RSA advises for driving over the winter months:

  • Use your lights. As we come into the winter months, motorists are advised to use dipped head lights during the day so you are easily seen. Headlights and taillights should be clean and in working order. Ensure the beam on your head-lights is adjusted correctly to avoid dazzling other drivers unnecessarily. Only use fog lights in foggy conditions and don’t forget to turn them off after they have been used in fog and mist
  • Check your tyres…they are your only contact with the road. Car tyres should be above the minimum legal thread depth of 1.6mm but they need to be changed before they get this worn. The RSA advises replacing tyres when they reach 3mm and don’t buy second had tyres as you cannot be sure of their history. It is important to check all around each tyre as they may wear differently due to the alignment of the car wheel. It is recommended to have your wheel alignment tested to ensure your tyres wear efficiently. The legal limit for motorcycle tyres is 1mm and again these should be replaced before they get this worn. Tyres need to be at the manufacturers recommended tread depth level or above to give the motorist the best chance in extreme conditions.
  • Safe Distance. It takes longer to stop a car during the winter weather so slow down and allow extra distance between you and the car in front
  • Understand your brakes. Check your car manual and find out if your vehicle has safety assist technology such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Anti Lock Braking System (ABS). Learn how these technologies can assist your driving in harsh weather conditions.
  • Make sure you can clearly see. All too often motorists do not de-fog or de-ice windows and mirrors which can compromise visibility. This winter make sure windows and mirrors are clear, and carry a de-icer and screen scraper in the car. Do not use boiling water as this can crack the windscreen. Wipers are especially important for driving this winter; they need to be checked for wear and tear, and replaced if necessary
  • Be prepared. During these winter months it is advised that motorists carry a number of essentials in the boot of their car, should severe weather strike

Not only is it important to prepare your car for the winter, but you should also remember that winter weather conditions can increase the number of accidents on the roads. Having comprehensive car insurance is vital to cover any expenses or losses incurred as a result of a car accident. If you are looking for GREAT VALUE car insurance, its4women provides all the cover you need.

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