Its4women's Top Summer Driving Hazards

Summer driving is one of life's great pleasures - there's nothing like cruising along with the sun glinting off your shades. But don’t let the long, lazy days of summer cause you to become too complacent behind the wheel.

Its4women's Top Summer Driving Hazards

Be Prepared

Having a car breakdown outside in the heat is no fun, so make sure you keep a sun hat, sunglasses, sun cream, cold drinks and some snacks in a cool-box or freezer bag in the car.

Care In The Country

Farm animals must be treated with patience. Drivers meeting them should slow down well in advance and leave as much space as possible between the car and the herd. Fast driving past a horse and rider can also be dangerous - it may cause the horse and rider to shy and throw its rider. They should be overtaken very slowly, with as much space as possible between it and its rider.

Inexperienced Drivers

School’s out for the summer…and more new teen drivers are on the road. Lack of experience can lead to a higher risk of accidents. Data consistently shows that teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in accidents than any other age groups.

Kids In The Street

As well as more young drivers on the road, long school holidays also means more children playing outside. You should always look out for children playing outside, as it only take a split second for them to run out on to the road.

Traffic Jams

Farm equipment, county fair crowds, construction projects, and other events can cause traffic congestion. Crowded roads create more intense driving situations and can cause stress if you’re not prepared, so plan ahead and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Bicycles / Motorbikes

Warmer weather brings cyclists and motorcyclists out to enjoy the summer sunshine. Share the road and be prepared for sudden stops, turns, and lane changes. Never assume that the bike or motorcycle will stay where you think it will. From stray dogs to large potholes, there are any number of hazards that may require a cyclist or motorcyclist to make a sudden swerve or directional change.


Tractor drivers often have sound-proofed cabs or wear ear protectors, so they may not hear approaching cars. Tractors don't have to be fitted with brake or indicator lights unless used at night so in daylight be prepared for them to stop or turn without warning.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented " While the summer season is a great time to get outside and travel with family and friends, it isn’t without its own unique challenges. Take note of these tips to stay safe on the road this summer, and make sure you’re properly insured in the unfortunate event of a summertime accident. "

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