The 'Slow Down' Day Campaign

A NATIONAL garda clampdown on speeding ahead of the famously lethal June bank holiday weekend caught 782 cars breaking the speed limit - some by more than 40km

Slow Down

The 'Slow Down' day campaign was rolled out across the country on Friday 30th June at 7am for 24 hours. Gardai were hoping drivers would travel within the speed limit over the weekend.

Gardai created various checkpoints around the country and uncovered that in the initial nine hours of the operation, just over 74,500 vehicles were checked for speeding.

782 of those vehicles were discovered to be driving over the limit - including one vehicle going at 128kmh on a 100kmh zone on the N7.

The 'Slow Down' campaign came after five people were killed on our roads during last year's June bank holiday weekend.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said that speed remains one of the "biggest risk factors" for drivers.

"We should all work together to ensure we do not have a repeat of such carnage this year," he said.

"By slowing down we reduce the likelihood of a crash, and the severity of the injuries".

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "If we slow down on all roads, we can stop in time and stop the deaths. And people can walk and cycle around their communities again in safety."

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