Keeping your car safe this Christmas

It’s a time of joy as we diligently wrap up in our woollies and head to town to pile up our cars with gifts for friends and family.

This time of year the air is full of festive fun with a wonderful atmosphere of excitement as the lights go up, decorations begin to appear and the shops start to proudly display their top Christmas gifts and shelves of sumptuous festive food.

Even though this a fun and positive time, it’s important to be vigilant as we can’t always trust that others’ intentions are quite so heart-warming. Keeping your car and newly purchased presents safe and secure is paramount as thieves take to the high street to try and snatch a bargain of their own – from your car.

Keeping your car safe this Christmas

Every year, people are victims of presents being lifted from their cars by cunning thieves as the shoppers return to the stores to continue buying, leaving their gifts unprotected and obviously perched on the back seat. With that in mind and to save you from the heartache of being targeted by an unscrupulous thief, we have put together this list of precautions.

  • First things first, put things away! Lock your gifts in the boot as you return to the shops or meet friends for a festive coffee. Having things out of sight will reduce the chances of you being stolen from
  • Shop for more expensive products last so they are the last to go into the car before you drive off. Never leave anything of high value unattended
  • Be wary of where you park. Pick somewhere that’s busy and brightly lit. A thief is less likely to target cars parked in bright, bustling areas
  • If you’re in a car park and you spot a CCTV camera? Park near it. It’s definitely of benefit to be in eyesight of any potential security guards
  • Always remember to lock your car – it’s paramount!
  • If you notice anything that looks like it might not be ‘hunky-dory’, make sure you report immediately to prevent someone else from being on the receiving end of a nasty Christmas surprise

Being that bit extra careful and following these tips could help protect you and your car full of gifts this festive season.

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