'Double Whammy' as Mother’s Day and IST fall on same day!

With the start of Irish Summertime and Mother’s Day falling on the same day this year, home and car owners are being urged to take extra protecting their most prized possessions as thieves go on the prowl for summertime treats.

Mothers Day

Beware of Theft!

A review of twelve years of claims data from online car insurance company it4women.ie reveals that car thefts rise by 12% on Mothering Sunday , compared to any other regular Sunday throughout the year. Typically, on Mother’s Day mums are out being wined and dined to celebrate their special day.

Ireland’s number one online insurer also discovered that as the clocks roll forward, thefts of valuables inside the car shoot up by 17% as more people leave their windows down when they are out of their car. In fact, as the nights get lighter and the days get warmer the number of home burglaries increase with claims in June, July and August around 28% higher than at the start of the year.

Stay Safe

Its4women.ie wish to remind home and car owners to ensure all doors and windows are locked at the end of the day as not to make it an easy access ride for thieves.

Alex Todd, brand manager for Its4women.ie says, “It’s great that we can spend a little longer outside in the extra daylight on Mother’s Day, however our claims data shows it’s important to always be aware of thieves so as not to let them ruin your day. If you are out treating your mum this Sunday, make sure to lock all windows and doors before you leave, and have all valuables secured away and out of sight from our eagle-eyed enemies.

It’s important to park your car in a safe location, double checking that all doors are locked and all windows are up.

Car Insurance

Its4women.ie cover the loss or damage to your car if it is damaged by fire, lightning, theft or attempted theft. This includes accessories and spare parts whether on or in your car or in your private garage, but only if lost or damaged at the same time. Its4women.ie will pay for accidental loss or damage to personal belongings occurring during the period of insurance while in or on your car up to €150 in respect of any claim or claims arising from one occurrence. This includes the contents of a handbag.

Check out our full terms and conditions.

Home Insurance

Its4women.ie home insurance policies provide cover for buildings and contents for loss or damage caused by fire, malicious damage, extreme weather events, theft, attempted theft and more. For the full list please visit our website www.its4women.ie. For extra cover, buildings and contents cover can be extended to include accidental damage, likewise, pedal cycles can be covered away from the home for theft and accidental damage.

For current car insurance customers, Its4women.ie offer a €30 discount voucher for a home insurance policy. Just enter the code "EHOME30" on the quote page for a limited time only.

Its4women.ie top tips to beat the home burglar

  • Lock all doors, windows and gates whenever you leave the house, even when you’re just out in the garden.
  • Keep all valuables and keys out of sight and away from the letterbox.
  • Use a safe to store all high value items.
  • Install a visual burglar alarm
  • Have good outside lighting.
  • Have lighting on a timer to make your property appear occupied
  • Get to know your neighbours and consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  • Keep hedges and shrubbery trimmed especially around entrances and walkways.
  • Build a fence and keep it in good condition.

For more information on home and car insurance direct from Its4women.ie go to www.its4women.ie

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