How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

It's nearly that time of the year again: time to pack your friends or family in the car and hit the open road. Arranging your perfect road trip can be a exhausting experience. Whether your going to camp-grounds, national parks, attractions, family reunions, or other adventures, we are here to help make any road trip as stress-free as possible.

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Choose your car wisely

You'll want something comfortable and reliable and also something that's fun to drive. Choose a car that you and your pals can all drive. This gives you all the opportunity to have some craic on the road and watch the landscape go by as a passenger.

Choose a fuel-economy car over a fuel-guzzler if you have a choice. Go for something that has enough room for you, your pals and your luggage but isn't over the top.

Designate a point person

This individual may or may not be the same individual who initiated the trip. There is typically always one person in the group who enjoys planning and doing research on where to stay. When there are multiple strong willed personalities in the group, making one a point person who is clear to all becomes critical to avoid confusion and duplication. Delegating is a wise choice to make when planning any trip.

Decide your general route

If you have your lodgings booked in advance, you will have to make a decision regarding the general route to take. It doesn't matter if it's the long way round and it doesn't matter if you don't stick to it. From there you can plan the sorts of things you'd like to see along the way.

Be happy

Problems and tempers are bound to arise at some point along your trip, but keeping cool and being prepared can help minimize the trouble. To keep peace between yourself and your travel mates don’t get too ambitious with your itinerary and to schedule time outside the car. Flexibility and the ability to compromise also goes a long way.

It's also important to treat your car well and be prepared for roadside emergencies. Keep an extra set of keys and carry basic repair tools, plus a safety kit.

Mind the rules

This one goes without saying, but just because you’re on the open road doesn’t mean that traffic rules don’t apply. One speeding ticket can destroy your road trip budget and your mood. Drive safely!

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "If you’re having trouble visualizing the idea of one long road trip, try looking at your adventure as a series of tiny commutes."

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