Protecting Your Home While on Holidays

Amid the excitement of planning a holiday, it can be easy to overlook the issue of home security. However, nothing ruins the memories of a good holiday quite like returning home to discover you’ve been burgled. Take the time to put in place safeguards that will protect your home and give you peace of mind while you’re away.

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Here are seven things to remember when going on your travels:

1. Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday

In the excitement of your trip, it’s all too easy to publicise on social media that your house is empty, but you don’t know who can read your comments, or who they will tell. It’s best to avoid posting about your trip until you get back and reduce the likelihood of needing to make an insurance claim and help ensure your last memories are of your holiday, and not of a problem that occurred at home.

2. Don’t leave your house looking unoccupied

Nothing says ‘I’m an empty house’ like a pile of letters visibly building up on the doormat, leaflets dangling out of the letterbox or curtains closed during the day. Consider giving a trusted neighbour a spare key so that they can pick up the mail every couple of days and installing a light on a timer switch that comes on in the evening.

3. Turn everything off at the socket

Make sure to turn all appliances off at the wall and not just left on stand-by. Not only does this reduce the risk of fires, it’ll also save you money on your utility bills.

4. Lock the door

It sounds fairly obvious, but make sure you do a sweep to ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked properly – then double check, just to make sure! If you were to leave a door or window unsecured and were burgled, you may find your home insurance provider unwilling to pay out for a claim because you failed to take “reasonable care” of the property.

5. Keep your valuables safe

Keep valuables out of sight and reach of any windows and your letterbox. There’s no point locking windows and doors, if you’re putting the key within easy reach of an intruder. If you intend to conceal valuables in your home, avoid obvious hiding places, and if you have a safe, make sure to use it to lock away any prized possessions.

6. Check your household insurance

Your home is your most asset. Make sure you have the cover you need and that is remains valid while you are away. Getting the right home insurance is vital and there are many reasons for making sure you get the right cover. For this reason, have designed a home insurance product that offers superb cover at a competitive price.

7. Protect yourself and your luggage

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