6 Money Saving Travel Tips For Your Holiday Checklist

As far as Irish Summer’s go, so far, we haven't done too badly, often with certain parts of the country being hotter than Nice and Rome! Whether you're going on vacation or staycation, getting ready for your holiday is half the fun! From booking excursions to fine dining: find out how to save money on holiday. Cut costs and travel cheaper with its4women’s 6 top tips for slashing the price of your holiday and ensuring you get more bucks for your bang! Sunshine, here you come!

6 Money Saving Travel Tips For Your Holiday Checklist

1. Go abroad. Get paid.

If you’re off on extended travels it’s possible to entirely fund your trip or even come home with some extra cash in your pocket if you’re able to work as you travel. From grape picking, to teaching, there’s a whole host of options available. Many people have even turned their wanderlust into a career with the help of Instagram, blogging about their travels and promoting brands and locations in break taking snaps. Follow its4women’s latest travels on Instagram @its4women_ie

2. Do ‘chic’ on the cheap’

Notoriously expensive destinations like Paris or New York needn’t be out of reach for those on a budget. There are plenty of ways to rub shoulders with the glitterati without spending like them; cheap hotels being one of them. For cheap hotel rooms, check out our hotel room finder for your trip here.

3. Don’t wait to hire a car

Never ever leave car hire to the last minute, especially at the airport. They know you’re a captive customer and will bump up the price. Be sure to book your hire car well in advance. Better still use its4women.ie’s travel centre and just “click” to order a car. With free cancellations, free amendments and no card fees, we search for your perfect car here.

4. Check your EHIC card is valid.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives you access to GPs or state hospitals in the EU at the same price as a local. The EHIC gives valuable protection but it should never be a substitute for travel insurance. Travel insurance has a much wider level of cover than the EHIC. It’s important to note over 5 million of these cards expired last year and are therefore invalid so check the expiry date on your card now. If your card is about to expire, or already has, renew it now via the EHIC website. It’s free of charge and generally takes about seven to ten days for it to come through.

5. Don’t worry - be ‘appy’

Living in the digital age, recent studies have suggested that we live in a world where we check our smartphones more than a staggering 221 times a day *shock emoji* We’re using technology for everything from controlling our energy usage to arranging casual hook-ups, so it should come as no surprise to know there are apps on the market for travel guides, maps, excursions and even phrasebooks! Download these and you’ll save a wad of cash on paper travel guides, maps and phrasebooks but also a lot of space in your case meaning less chance of excess baggage charges while on your travels. Remember to add the its4women.ie online portal to your homepage like an app for all your travel insurance needs.

6. Get cheaper travel insurance

If you’re looking for cheaper travel insurance that doesn’t cost the earth, get a quote from its4women.ie. We believe that you deserve to have a quality travel insurance policy that protects you and fits your travel needs. Choose from Annual Multi Trip, Single Trip, Over 65s and Ski insurance policies. Our comprehensive cover includes trip cancellation, baggage and money, hospital ills, repatriation, a 24-hour emergency helpline and optional cover for business, golf and winter sports.

Alex Todd, Brand Manager of its4women.ie explains, “Travel insurance is often overlooked as an unnecessary purchase but healthcare is expensive, and in the event of an accident or illness, it could say you from being dumped with unaffordable fees.”

Get a cheaper travel insurance quote only at its4women.ie.

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