Summer Driving, Your Guide to the Wild Atlantic Way

Want to embark on a different holiday this summer? Why not plan a driving trip around the emerald isle and take in the breath-taking sights of our beautiful country. Over the past year, the Wild Atlantic Way has been gaining popularity among tourists and locals alike and is the perfect way to spend a couple of days or a couple of weeks if you fancy spreading out your trip. Read on to discover our top tips on completing this must-see trip this summer.

Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

Your journey will take you along 2,500km of Ireland’s western seaboard, taking in the sights of the coast as you go. It’s the perfect trip for fans of surfing, nature or those looking to explore rural Ireland this summer. Beginning at Donegal in the north, the Wild Atlantic Way takes you through the legendary areas of Connemara, The Burren, Galway Bay and Kerry before you reach Cork in the south.

This meandering journey along the coast will see you looping around peninsulas towards the ocean, little roads close to the Irish shore, tiny villages and towns with great restaurants and hidden cafés waiting to be discovered.


Turn things on their head and do The Wild Atlantic Way backwards and go from south to north. It may seem counterintuitive but if you start at the bottom and work your way up, you’ll be on the ocean side of the road the entire way and you’ll easily be able to pull over and get out for a wander without having to cross traffic.

WAW sign posts are dotted along the route so if you ever feel like you’ve been turned around, look out for the WAW logo and that’ll soon put you right.

Summer Driving Ireland

Take your time with the route, do it too fast and you’ll risk feeling rushed or under pressure to complete a certain amount of miles a day. Anything under two weeks is too little time to do it in one go, so if you’re stuck for time break up your trip into smaller sections and tackle different regions on different occasions.

Above all when undertaking a driving holiday, it’s important to watch your speed, as you will be driving on winding coastal routes it’s more difficult to keep your speed up with lots of sharp curves, trundling tractors, cyclists and the occasional herd of cows or sheep that will need to cross your path!

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