The 'Slow Down' Day Campaign

A recent Continental Tyres Ireland study found that one-in-10 drivers had at least one 'near miss' while texting at the wheel.


SUCH is the level of concern over the number of drivers being distracted by so much technology in their cars that a major conference here is being organised.

The use of mobile phones especially will be a key focus at the international conference in Dublin next week.

As we know, driver distraction is now a major cause of collisions and the rise in the use of in-car technologies is being blamed. A recent study by Continental Tyres Ireland found a frightening percentage of drivers had a near-miss while they were distracted.

Now a conference, organised by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), is planned for Dublin Castle on Thursday of next week, to highlight the dangers - and outline ways of counteracting the new phenomenon.

A number of experts from around the world will help analyse and discuss the issues.

Among the areas they will look at are ways to reduce the amount of use of, and distraction from, in-car technologies, and mobile phones, when you are behind the wheel.


The recent Continental Tyres study found that one-in-10 drivers had at least one 'near miss' while texting at the wheel.

It found texting has become the most common and dangerous distraction for drivers.

Among the discoveries the study made were that motorists can be so distracted when searching for music in the car that 8pc had narrowly avoided an accident.

Smart phones are emerging as a major area of distraction, the study found.

One-in-20 drivers nearly had an accident simply because they were checking their emails or browsing the net at the time.

Continental Tyres Ireland described the texting-at-the-wheel results as "shocking".

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "Distracted driving endangers life and property and the current levels of injury and loss are unacceptable."

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