5 Tips to Increase The Value Of Your Home

Before you splurge on that dream kitchen or add an extra bathroom, make sure you'll add to the value of your house.

5 Tips to Increase The Value Of Your Home

Kitchens are Worth the Spend

Kitchens are by far the most valuable renovations you can make. No matter how relaxing a hot tub is or how handy an attic conversion could be, people will always head towards the kitchen. Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and because of this, updates in this room pay off.

You should never spend more than 10% of the value of your home on the kitchen. So for example if your house is worth €250,000 your maximum budget should be €25,000.


Bathrooms are right up there with kitchens in terms of financial return. The more you have the better and the nicer they are the more attractive they’ll be. If your home only has one bathroom, you can recoup a large chunk of your investment (75% -100%) by adding another one.

Like any project, the cost of adding a bathroom depends largely on the types of additions and accessories you want to use, and the cost of each of these items. Under-stairs WCs are a great use of space and can be added for around a €1,000.


There’s nothing quite like having good backyard living space when summer rolls around and that makes them a very desirable feature in the market. If you have the room adding a deck is one of the simplest ways to increase the value of your property. If you make your deck and your backyard more appealing, your house will be great for entertaining your friends and be more appealing to prospective buyers, if and when you decide to sell.

If you decide to hire a contractor, shop around before you choose someone to work with. Make sure you get at least three quotes, with specifics, from the contractors you interview.

Energy-Efficient Insulation

If your home lacks basic insulation, home inspectors working with potential buyers will include this in their reports. Efficient insulation can make a huge difference to how much money you spend every month on energy bills. Homes that haven’t been modified with energy efficiency in mind cost more to live in and maintain.

You can often discover leaks, and areas that need more insulation, in these areas:

  • Around doors and windows
  • Around electrical sockets and light switches
  • In recessed lighting
  • Around the attic hatch
  • In the basement
  • Anywhere ducts or wires go outside the house

Front Door

On first thought, the condition of your front door may not seem like a significant factor in the overall value of your home. But according to experts, you may want to reconsider that thought.

As they saying goes first impressions last; creating curb appeal, or a desirable entryway is one of the best ways to add value or help sell your home. A prospective buyers first memory of the house is often the one that sticks and a little can go a long way in this area of the property.

Painting the entranceway is one of the best ways to blow the cobwebs off the front of the house.

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