Who drives you round the bend when you are driving?

Driving with friends or family in the car can be fun. Sometimes it can break up the monotony of a long journey, and especially if you are going somewhere fun. However, sometimes having passengers can mean that you also have to put up with the annoying things that they do while you drive.

But who’s the worst?

Who drives you round the bend when you are driving

The Screamer

They get so nervous when you’re approaching roundabouts and other junctions that it almost rubs off on you, and you start to doubt your own ability to drive, especially considering the fact that they’ve left a dent in the dashboard from gripping it so tightly.

If you’re going to shout “oh my god!” please do it for a good reason. You could be the safest driver in the world and The Screamer would still grip the door handle like there are going to jump out any second.

The Backseat Driver

“Watch out for the bike!” “You’re going too fast!” Nothing sets off a argument quite like the unwanted advice of a backseat driver. Despite the fact that you are extremely comfortable with your driving ability, this person is convinced you need help handling a motor vehicle. They may as well be driving, as they seem to believe they could do a much better job of it.

The rules are pretty simple: do not pass comment on someone else’s car or their driving ability. You may find yourself with a long walk home.

The One With Their Feet Up On The Dashboard

Yeah this is gross, but more importantly this is incredibly dangerous. You know what happens when you get in a crash and the airbags go off with your feet of the dash? You don’t have feet anymore.

The Sleeper

You’ve barely backed out of the driveway and this person is nodding off. There’s nothing wrong with a little quiet time, but if you offer someone a lift you kind of hope they will front up with a bit of petrol money and some good chatter.

The Drunk

Being a designated driver is one of the worst parts about having a licence. Having to pick up friends from their “BEST NIGHT EVER” is tough after all you’ve done is sit in and make conversation with your dog.

20 minutes ago your car smelled of the pine air freshener the garage thoughtfully hung on your rear-view mirror. Now it smells of kebab and broken dreams.

Eating In Your Car

When a passenger is eating and you are not, it can be a real distraction. No driver wants to put up with the smell of food, the sound of eating, the crumbs in the upholstery, and the rubbish that will undoubtedly be left behind.

Using Your Armrest

In case you haven’t noticed the theme here, it is that the driver is the boss of the car. As such, if there is a shared armrest between the front two seats, you had better let the driver use it.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "We all like to think that we are good passengers, but it would seem there are some things we might do that we don’t even realise just how annoying they can be for our driver."

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