We have two payment options available:

  1. Payment in full by Credit/Debit Card
  2. Spread the payments over easy monthly instalments (terms and conditions apply)

See below for more details.

If you choose to spread your payments, your finance will be provided by Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland (CBPFI) and an initial payment is required by credit/debit card to start the policy, followed by equal monthly instalments collected from your bank account. Doing this may cost a little extra but it can be a lot more convenient.

Monthly Payments

You can arrange your direct debit when purchasing your quotation, our secure online website allows you to input your payment details and select the date you wish to pay each month. You will be sent information regarding your finance including a Direct Debit Mandate which must be completed and returned to us. Failure to do so, could result in the cancellation of your policy.

Your first payment will normally be collected within 10 days, it will then default to your preferred payment date. Any delays in returning your Direct Debit Mandate could result in more than one payment being collected. Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland will send you a list of your payment dates once your loan is authorised.

If you wish to change your preferred payment date or obtain information regarding your payments, you can contact Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland on 1890 928 281.


Due to the formation of the Central Credit Register (CCR) on the 1st January 2018, all new or amended credit applications where the combined credit is or exceeds €500 inclusive of interest and charges must be reported to the CCR. The information collected will help lenders, consumers and the Central Bank in its role of safeguarding stability and protecting consumers. It is mandatory for all money lenders to comply with the Central Credit Register requirements under the Credit Reporting Act 2013.

The Government in Ireland gave a commitment as part of the EU/ IMF Programme of Financial Support, this was to develop a legal framework that would facilitate the collection and centralisation of credit information on borrowers. The CCR will contribute to consumer protection and financial stability by:

  • Providing borrowers with an individual report detailing their credit agreements
  • Providing premium financers, such as Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland (CBPFI) with comprehensive information to support credit assessments
  • Providing the CBI with better insights into financial markets and supporting functions of the Central Bank of Ireland

How will this affect me? When you purchase a policy on direct debit you will be required to provide proof of your identity which includes photographic ID (driving licence), proof of address and proof of PPSN, this is known as “ID&V – Identity and Verification”.

For loans under €500, you will be required to provide photographic ID (driving licence) and proof of address, however, we will request your PPSN to hold on file for future possible amendments to your credit agreement.

The following documents will be accepted as proof of ID&V:

  1. Name and DOB: A Valid Driving Licence
  2. Address: Current Policy Schedule or Original Utility Bill
  3. Personal Public Service or Tax Number: : Payslip, P60, P45, P21, Drugs Payment Scheme Card, Medical Card, GP Visit Card, European Health Insurance Card, Tax Assessment or Notice of Tax Credits.

Please note: we cannot accept Public Service Cards or Social Services Cards as proof of your PPSN.

In accordance with the Credit Reporting Act 2013, from 30th September 2018, all lenders must undertake an Enquiry process to the Central Credit Register (CCR) for all new or amended credit applications where the combined credit is or exceeds €2,000 inclusive of interest and charges, this includes renewals and mid-term adjustments. As a result, Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland (CBPFI) will request your Credit Report from the CCR. This can result in credit applications being declined depending on the result of the Enquiry.

To process the Enquiry CBPFI need to verify customer ID including:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address and;
  • Personal Public Service Number.

Failure to promptly return required ID documents will result in the cancellation of your private car insurance.

Missed or Late Payments

If you default or miss a payment, we won’t cancel your insurance immediately, Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland will write to you to put things right. But don’t wait too long as failure to pay will result in the cancellation of your insurance policy and you could be liable for further costs.

To make a late payment, contact Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland on 1890 928 281, default charges will apply.

If you chose to pay in full by Credit/Debit card, you can enter your card details into our secure online website. For your protection, we never store your card details, nor do we have access to them. We will apply for the payment immediately once the policy is purchased. However, depending on your bank, it may take 3-5 working days to clear from your account.

Paying with Someone Else’s Card

If you wish to make a payment using some else’s Credit/Debit Card, you must have their permission. If making the payment over the telephone, the cardholder must be present to authorise the payment. Please note: any return premiums will be issued back on to the card the premium was paid with.

Full details of our Cancellation and Refund Policy are available in our Terms of Business.