Its4women's Motoring Insurance Master Plan

Here are five ways tech can help you map out a motoring insurance master plan.

From shopping to banking and ordering takeaway to booking taxis… we do practically everything online now, so why should car insurance be any different?

Its4women's Motoring Insurance Master Plan are Ireland’s Number 1 Online Insurance Company. Read on to learn about five ways technology can help you map out a motoring insurance master plan:

1. Instant access

For most of us, once insurance is sorted, we try to forget about it until renewal time. This can mean that sometimes we also forget where we have put those all-important documents. If you have insurance with you can view your policy via the online portal meaning, if you forget any of your key policy details, you can log into your online account and find out in seconds. Gone are the days waiting for your documents to be posted. The live chat facility also means the days of waiting on hold for the next available adviser are gone.

2. 24/7

One of the biggest benefits of managing your car insurance online is that it allows you to make changes to your policy whenever it suits you. Day or night, from the comfort of your living room or relaxing on a Caribbean beach, the online portal is always on. It allows you to change your insurance over to a different vehicle, add another driver, update your own personal details, upload documents, renew your insurance and much more.

3. Save money

Online insurance companies have fewer overheads, meaning they can pass on those savings to customers via lower premiums. For instance, a telephone application requires a member of staff to manually go through all the applicant’s details and then apply the underwriting criteria to them, even before the initial application is approved or rejected. This entire process can be quite expensive and time consuming, given the amount of human actions involved. Getting a quote and processing insurance online is entirely automated, less expensive for the insurer and for you, the customer.

4. Manage your policy with ease

We understand the finer details of insurance is not always top of everyone’s to do list, however with an online insurance company you are dealing directly without any intermediaries making it much easier to manage. With an online insurance purchase, you get exactly what you see online therefore maximum protection and peace of mind.

5. Assistance

Not everyone is tech-savvy and some people have reservations making financial transactions online. To make managing your insurance as simple and clear as possible, provide customers with the option of ‘Live Chat,’ ‘iMessage’ or a ‘Call-Back’ request service. No matter how you like to do business, we can help. Click HERE for all contact details.

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