Seven in Ten Irish Drivers Named Their First Car Betsy

Some drivers might not be able to spot the difference between a Mazda and a Mercedes, but most don’t even need to. A survey carried out by online insurance brand, found that 69% of Irish drivers admitted to having named their first car.

Seven in Ten Irish Drivers Named Their First Car Betsy

In the survey of over 1,000 female drivers, asked customers what they called their first car with almost a third of respondents having named their first car ‘Betsy’.

The top five female names for Irish cars were:

  1. Betsy
  2. Daisy
  3. Bonnie
  4. Patsy
  5. Charlotte

Some drivers felt their cars were more deserving of a good, strong name with the top five male names for cars emerging as:

  1. Larry
  2. Henry
  3. Alfie
  4. Olly
  5. Fred

One of the most popular methods for choosing the perfect car name was by selecting a name based on the model of the car. Some of the other most recurring names for Irish cars included:

  1. Yari (Toyota Yaris drivers)
  2. Suki (Suzuki drivers)
  3. Chloe (Renault Clio drivers)
  4. Fiesty (Fiesta drivers)
  5. Aggie (Toyota Aygo drivers)
  6. Pug (Peugeot drivers)

Celebrities also featured on the list with ‘Binky’, ‘Harrison Ford’ and ‘Goldie Hawn’ making an appearance. Colours also proved an influencing factor with names such as ‘Scarlet’, ‘The White Pearl’ and ‘Red Thunder’ creeping onto the list. found that drivers also got inventive with some of their naming habits. Some of the more unusual names included:

  1. A Daewoo Matiz named ‘Billy Joe Beep Beep Sparklepuss'
  2. A Ford Fiesta named ‘The Passion Wagon’
  3. A blue Ford Fiesta called ‘The Cookie Monster’

However, the idea of naming a car is not for everyone, with one respondent saying: “Naming a car? That’s just plain stupid!”

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