Battle of the Drivers! Men v Women

It’s a question that people have long tried to answer, drawing in from both sides in the process. But in the battle of the drivers, who really reigns supreme? Men are more often lauded as being more capable drivers due in part to their perceived higher levels of rationality and spatial awareness but is this really the case?

Battle of the Drivers!

Reader’s Digest reports that male drivers tend to take far more risks on the roads and on the whole are much less cautious once they get behind the wheel than women. Men are more likely to drive at higher speeds, they’re more inclined to not wear a seat belt and they actually drive intoxicated more often than women! Men on the move are also more likely to make riskier turns and on average take less time to park up than women do, meaning they are less careful.

Their propensity towards riskier behaviour make men more likely to get into an accident and studies show that men are actually three times more likely to be pulled for aggressive driving than women and more than 25% as likely to be at fault when an accident has occurred!

The notion that men are better drivers may have come from a simple boost in confidence as they are just perceived to be better. The flip side to this is that because women are seen as being worse behind the wheel, it can also negatively impact a female driver’s confidence once they hit the road.

The Telegraph reports that only 13% of men think that women are the stronger drivers and only 28% of women feel they are better behind the wheel than men.

The moral of the story is, we all need to be driving carefully and with confidence in our own abilities. Be aware of your surroundings and take care on the roads.

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