The Importance of Car Care During the Spring Season

Spring is here and summer is near. Traditionally, May marks the introduction of blooming flowers, blossoming trees, and two weeks of sunshine, sometimes three if we are really lucky...

That's A Wrap

May also sees many of us undergo our annual spring clean, but what do spring cleaning and car maintenance have in common? Paying extra attention to your vehicle maintenance habits at the turn of the seasons is especially important – after winter, the elements have likely taken a toll on your vehicle.

We’ve put together a helpful spring cleaning checklist you can use to make sure your car is clean and in top shape for summer, and be less prone to costly repairs and accidents.

Wash & Wax

After time, road salt build-up can eat away paint and lead to rust., so a solid washing is a great place to start. Some mild soap, water and a little elbow grease will remove road salt that can cause corrosion on the body and underneath.

Once your car is dry, give your car a good waxing to help protect its finish.

Keep It Rollin’

Even alloy wheels can rust, so while you’re washing, make sure you spray them down too. Brake dust and grime can really damage your wheels, so a good wash is a great way to kick off the summer.

Check Your Tyres

Potholes and uneven roads in winter and early spring can take a toll on your tyres, and could also end up doing damage to your car’s entire shock system.

Check for signs of bulging in tyre’s side walls, and the more obvious sign, your car’s alignment.

Although pressure checks are recommended at least monthly, bear in mind that changes in temperature can affect the pressure in your car’s tyres.

Once the weather changes, be sure to measure the pressure in your tyres to make sure that they meet the requirements for your vehicle. Driving on tyres with low tire pressure can reduce your kilometres per gallon and pose a hazard to your safety.

Change The Air Filter

The amount of air your engine gets is very important to its performance. When your air filter hasn’t been changed in a while it can reduce the amount of air that goes to your engine and you may notice your car feeling sluggish. Change the air filter to improve your car’s acceleration and fuel economy.

Wipe Out

During winter ice and snow can wear out your wipers, so make sure to put on new ones before you get caught in a heavy spring shower. Having wiper blades in good condition is a matter of car safety. When it comes to our spring cleaning checklist, this is one item you don’t want to skip.

Clear Out The Clutter

The time for long spring summer drives is upon us which calls for all those accumulated coffee cups, empty sweet wrappers and old receipts to be placed in the bin. Take a hoover to the inside of your vehicle to hoover up any dirt and crumbs to make your car look good, and to keep it from smelling like a wheelie bin.

Change Your Car’s Fluids

Anti-freeze, power steering fluid, oil..... these all need topped up and changed periodically to keep your car running well. This will also ensure that fluid levels are ready for summer when your car will really need special care. Anti-freeze levels are especially important as they will change between winter and summer and play a key role in protecting your car’s engine.

Assess Your Insurance Policy

Revisit your car insurance policy and consider if any changes need to be make. Spring is a great reminder to make sure your car insurance is offering you exactly the right coverage for your needs. provide all customers with an online account which enabled them to self-maintain and self-manage their account. By providing customers with an Online Account they can view their policy and make changes at any time.

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