Celebrity driving instructor Noel Gaughan drives us round the bend!

Its4women decided to go back to school – driving school! Well, not exactly us. So we enlisted the help of the RSA driving school, celebrity driving instructor Noel Gaughan, ISM driving school, and several lovely ladies from the media industry.

Celebrity driving instructor Noel Gaughan drives us round the bend!

Noel has taught stars like Niall Horan, Adele, Liam Payne and Lara Stone the rules of the road.

Our brave students were Jenny Buckley from UTV Ireland, Editor of Dublin Live, Alana Fearon, Michaela Hayes of iRadio, Leah Carroll from RTE.ie and Suzanne Brennan from 98fm.

Editor of Dublin Live, Alana Fearon

All the girls said they had a great time. They said Noel made them all feel at ease straight away with his anecdotes about his VIP clients.

Thankfully the day was accident-free but Alana did get told off for not checking her blind spots thoroughly enough and not signalling in time (tut-tut!!!)

Michaela Hayes of iRadio

But the serious lesson behind this day back at driving school was how to avoid the pitfalls of the most common accidents on Dublin's roads.

Five of the most common accidents reported by its4women.ie customers

  1. Rear end accident at a roundabout (drivers tend to look to the right and not at the car in front)
  2. Rear end accident at traffic lights (drivers tend to not be paying attention to the car in front slowing down for the lights)
  3. Pulling out at a junction (driver coming out of the junction does not look left and they hit an oncoming vehicle)
  4. Crossing traffic at a junction (going from a major busy road to a minor road)
  5. Overtaking on a fast road and changing lanes (not checking blind spot and only relying on mirrors)

Noel said afterwards: "With drivers, most drivers assume they're really, really good! I just want to get the its4women.ie message home that you can be much be better and you can be much safer.

"There's no need for the deaths on the roads here; pedestrians killed, cyclists killed because drivers aren't aware of cyclists and keeping the width of a car away from them.

"It's all about being safe and making women much better at driving.

"In my opinion, women are by far better drivers. Men have this tendency to think that once you can handle a car that that makes them a great driver.

"Women are more aware, they do more lessons, they're very much more aware of the dangers of the other drivers around them so they actually try harder and work harder."

Well of course its4women agree whole heartily with Noel :)

Awwwwwww thanks Noel

A BIG thank you to Noel, Jenny, Alana, Michaela, Leah and Suzanne for taking part.

See how the girls got on!

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