Are you one of the Young Irish Women Who Suffer from Road Rage?

Do bad drivers and rude manners on the road set your pulse sky-rocketing and your blood boiling? Well, you’re not alone. More than 60% of Irish women between the ages of 25 and 34 have suffered from road rage at some point. It would appear that younger women are more prone to bouts of road rage than their male counterparts as 46% of the male age bracket 35-44 admit to getting hot under the collar while behind the wheel. One in three drivers are expected to experience aggressive or intimidating behaviour while driving and a shocking 13% of drivers admitted getting out of the car to confront another driver face to face.

Are you one of the Young Irish Women Who Suffer from Road Rage?

How many of us are completely honest when it comes to ‘fessing up over our driving behaviour? Do we always realise when we are being aggressive to other road users? Probably not. How many times have you beeped impatiently behind another driver the second the light turns green or cursed under your breath at a badly executed manoeuvre?

If you find yourself getting annoyed while on-the-move, check out our top tips on keeping your temperature cool.

Get enough rest!

Make sure you are well-rested before getting into the driver’s seat in the morning. Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress levels, irritability and in some cases can allegedly cause the symptoms of depression.

Get your timing right!

Most of us spend our mornings frantically getting ready for work, getting children up for school or racing to appointments in a fog of panic often only leaving the bare minimum amount of time to get anywhere. Leaving enough time to organise yourself in the morning and planning out enough time to get to your destination, making allowances for unexpected delays or pit stops means you’re less likely to flip your lid. The more time you have to do something, the calmer, safer and more relaxed you’ll be.

Get some peace and quiet!

Loud music can pump you up, leaving you feeling energised and ready for action. We all love to blast out some tunes on a road trip but if you find that you’re getting all hot and bothered more when you’re listening to loud music, it might be time for a change of tact. Try listening to softer music, classical or relaxing types while driving or change things up with a talk show or podcast that will reduce the stressful noise of traffic but not fire up temperatures.

Get a grip!

Or rather, loosen your grip. Try not to tense up your body or clench the steering wheel too much. Take deep breaths if you feel tension starting to rise and make sure you reduce all unnecessary stress factors like dirty windscreens that make it difficult to see.

Do You Suffer From Road Rage?

As drivers, it’s important to be aware of situations that are likely to cause road rage and to avoid any triggers to ensure we are being safe and responsible. Things to watch out for include; slow driving, following too close to the driver in front, flashing your headlights, blowing the horn and making hand gestures at other drivers.

As difficult as it may be, ensuring that you don’t over-react to any situation decreases the chance of being involved in a road rage incident. Let your pride take the back seat on this one.

Has your stress levels been sky high recently? Have you been on the verge of losing it?

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