Driving Abroad This Summer?

Driving abroad might be a fun-filled exploit; however it could soon transform into a bad dream if drivers are not insured when abroad.

Driving abroad this summer?

Depending upon the level of cover you have, overseas cover may be a feature which is included. However, if this is not the situation, you will need to check with your current insurer to find out whether you can add this upgrade into your policy and the amount it will cost. Also you will need to find out precisely what overseas car insurance protection your insurer includes, for example, third party cover and breakdown cover.

If you're just going away for a brief time, it could be more practical to purchase short-term or temporary insurance. This commonly covers you for a window somewhere around 1 and 28 days. Then again, in case you're wanting to travel to another country more than once in a year then it may be more financially savvy to purchase a yearly arrangement as opposed to obtaining a different policy each time you head abroad.

When driving overseas it is vital to have a knowledge of the different road rules and regulations in different countries. As an illustration, in France all drivers are obliged to carry a self-test breathalyzer while in numerous European countries, for example, Austria and Belgium it is obligatory to carry supplies, such as a cautioning warning triangle and reflective jacket/waistcoat in your vehicle at all times.

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