Is Distracted Walking a Major - Distraction!

Numerous studies have shown that car accident risks increase exponentially when a driver tries to use a handheld device to text, surf the web, or perform similar tasks. Of course, such behaviour has now been banned.

But one thing that’s still legal is texting while walking. And believe it or not, this combination is starting to cause serious problems.

Is Distracted Walking a Major - Distraction!

Recent studies indicate that the number of accidents involving distracted pedestrians is rising.

In America, a rise in pedestrian deaths and thousands of injuries have been blamed on phone use while walking, with those aged 16 to 25 most likely to be injured.

This new menace has already caused authorities across the globe to act.

In Belgium and Sweden special “lanes” have been outlined on the pavement where people can walk while texting or looking at their mobiles without irritating others.

In Belgium and Sweden special lanes

And in the USA warning signs have been put up telling folk: “HEADS UP! Cross the street. Then update Facebook.”

In the South Korean city of Seoul the Seoul Metropolitan Government has unveiled traffic and pedestrian signs whose purpose is to alert walkers to the dangers of using smartphones while traversing the busy streets of a metropolitan city.

The “Pokémon Go” phenomenon hasn’t helped matters.

Since the popular video game was launched in early July, there have been a number of incidents reported.

Why Drivers Should Care About Pedestrians Texting While Walking

The most important thing is to be extra cautious when driving in areas where there are a lot of pedestrians. This is especially true near schools, colleges, universities and around pubs and clubs that cater to young adults; these areas tend to have higher concentrations of walkers who are more at risk for texting while walking accidents.

However, such pedestrian behaviour may also have an effect on your car insurance. If someone is paying attention to their phone and not where they are walking, they could walk out in front of your moving vehicle. In some cases, the collision may obviously be the pedestrian’s fault (such as crossing against the light at an intersection). But many other times, it may not be apparent (or provable in court) that the pedestrian was solely to blame.

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