Motoring survey finds 'tailgating' on the rise

Motoring solutions specialist "easytrip" has revealed a survey that more than 79% of motorists have been the victim of tailgating in the last year with 55% experiencing it on a monthly basis and almost 40% on a weekly basis, writes irishcarman.


The majority of us are to blame at times for driving excessively close behind the car in front - intentionally or not - be that as it may, the risky practice of "tailgating" has gotten more common than at any time in the past on Irish roads.

Despite the fact that it might be a stressful situation, 30% of respondents say they disregard it when it happens while different drivers deal with it in different ways. These include pulling over or changing lines to let the driver pass, or using brake lights to encourage the driver to back off or accelerating to get away.

The survey also observed that we are a country of angry drivers with more than 42% admitting to flashing lights or beeping in a bid to get other motorists to move aside. Once more, guys admit to "somewhat" additionally scary strategies out and about with 7 percent saying they use hand motions compared to 0% of females.

The study noted that 82% of respondents might be in favour of adopting the custom used on German Autobahns where a driver approaching a vehicle in the fast line indicates right to cordially ask that the vehicle in front clear the line so they can pass.

Ciara O'Brien of easytrip commented "The RAC Report on Motoring 2013 puts tailgating in third place of driver stresses while separate research shows that 80 percent of accidents on our roads are due to driver error."

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "Tailgating is a dangerous practice on our roads. Leave a proper 2 second "time to react" gap under all normal circumstances, and more in bad weather."

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