The Festival Survival Guide

With festival season right upon us and plenty of events kicking off around the country, here at we’ve decided to bring you our Festival Survival Guide. We’re talking about everything from safety to fashion, from food to showering and getting home in one piece.

The Festival Survival Guide

Festivals are fun places full of cool music, artsy people, great food (and some not so great burger vans) where people come together to enjoy a weekend of fun in the sun (read – ‘rain’), dancing and obligatory glitter. Festivals in Ireland are a great way to expose yourself to new music, see some of your favourite bands all in one go and have an amazing couple of days exploring the great outdoors of an Irish campsite. There’s a fantastic line-up happening all over the country from Longitude at Marlay Park in July, Indiependence in Cork, arts festivals up and down Ireland and of course, the biggie, Electric Picnic kicking off in September in Laois. With all these fantastic events on our doorstep, it’s important that we delve into festival season and make sure we are fully prepared for every eventuality. It’s no fun losing all your friends in a crowd of 80,000 strong only to discover your battery has died and you’re doomed to roam the endless throng searching for a familiar face.

The Look

After scrolling through endless pictures of festival-goers at Coachella lounging on the sun-scorched grass of California in their distressed denim shorts, sleek sunglasses, headbands and oodles of fringed accessories, you’d be forgiven for thinking that festivals are a place for fashion where the uber stylish come to congregate. You’d be wrong – at least in Ireland. Here festivals need to be approached with practicality. Sure that crop top, hotpants and that intricately braided hair á la Pinterest may look amazing now, but it’s not such a good look when it’s bucketing down rain and your once-cool golden hair tattoos are peeling off or flapping in the breeze. Do yourself a favour and dress comfortably and wear some proper shoes, jewelled sandals don’t look as good when you’re squelching up to your ankles in mud on the way to the portaloos.

What to Pack

Wet wipes, hand sanitizer and those little pocket packs of tissue will fast become your best friend as soon as you leave the safety of your tent. Portaloos at festivals are the stuff nightmares are made of so make sure you’re not caught short. Showers are few and far between so do yourself a favour and keep everything as clean as you can with some handy face wipes and a spritz of dry shampoo for a hair refresh and that tousled look. Sun lotion is a must when you know you’re going to be out and about all day, slap on a bit every now and then or use a BB cream with a broad spectrum SPF to keep that face in tip-top condition. Keep your makeup light in texture so you don’t feel heavy-faced on sunny days but feel free to go mad with the glitter, it’s the only time in your adult life it’s ok to wear it!


There’s so much fun to be had at festivals and the majority of people are there to have a fabulous time, just like you. Unfortunately, it’s important to remember that there will always be those few out to cause a bit of damage. It’s a fact of life that crime happens at festivals. Money is stolen from tents, property is damaged and electronics swiped from right under your nose. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t afford to replace your iPhone, then don’t bring it to a festival. Get an old school Nokia with a battery life that will outlive us all and use it as your temporary phone. If you can’t bear to part with your smartphone, keep it well protected with a good case and store it somewhere where prying fingers can’t reach it. Smartphones have a notoriously short battery life and you don’t want to be in the position where you lose contact with everyone you know. Don’t put yourself in danger. Get a portable USB battery for your phone. These great little gizmos are cheap can be charged up at home or in your car to give your smartphone a new lease of life when it needs it.

Festivals in Ireland

Bring a Torch

This may seem like an unnecessary thing that’ll just take up space in your already over-stuffed bag but it’ll be really handy when you have to stumble through thousands of tents in the middle of the night on your way to the portaloos. It’ll also help you distinguish which of the hundreds of navy blue tents sprawled all around are actually yours and stop you accidently lumbering into some unsuspecting festival-goers tent in a sleepy stupor. Awks.

Food, Glorious Food

Festivals are the place to let loose and try out new things, food included. Branch out and sample what’s on offer. Don’t worry, most festivals have a seriously diverse offering of food nowadays so it’s not just chips and burgers. Although if that’s your thing, rock on, now is your time to indulge. Keep hydrated when you’re outdoors all day, and with alcohol everywhere it's even more important so remember to pack plenty of water, otherwise you’ll end up paying through the nose for a tiny bottle of water from some stall.


It’s a given that festivals are flooded with booze and that’s fine, we’re all adults but it’s important that you keep safe on these occasions. At the end of the day, even though it feels like a lovely community of same-minded people full of the festival spirit, you are actually surrounded by strangers in a field. This is where your stash of water comes into play, enjoy yourself but keep your water on hand to avoid dehydration.

With these top tips in mind, go forth and enjoy the diverse range of summer festivals that are coming up and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and insights.

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