The its4women Christmas Gift Guide

It’s almost the end of November, the streets are full of fairy lights, the shops are full of beautiful festive décor and emails are constantly pinging through to your phone on everything from Black Friday sales to gift guides, discounts and promotions. Our newsfeeds are full of wonderful Christmas inspo, heart-warming stories and dozens of gift ideas with each brand urging you to shop with them. It’s quite a whirlwind this time of year! With this in mind, here at its4women we have put together the ultimate gifting cheat sheet to help you navigate the high street and the world of ecommerce with ease. Sit back, relax and check out our gift guide!

The its4women Christmas Gift Guide

For Her

Whether shopping for your mother, sister or significant other – choosing gifts for women can be difficult but it’s not impossible. A top tip is to create a short list of her interests. Is she super glam with a love of all things beauty and fashion or does she love the outdoors or working up a sweat in the gym? Deciding what her interests are is half the battle in choosing that perfect gift. Narrowing down a person’s likes and dislikes makes your life so much easier once you hit the aisles or the web.

Experiential gifts tend to be favoured by millennials so gifting a spa day, mini-break, airline vouchers or adventure day are often amazing choices for women in their 20s and 30s as they create memories, which last far longer than that bottle of perfume.

For Him

Men can be incredibly difficult to shop for! While a woman may need lots of different things from beauty and haircare to jewellery or homewares essentials, picking for men can be a different beast altogether. Men tend to do without in some respects and are less forthcoming when giving hints and tips as to what they want. When buying for men, it’s best to air on the side of necessity and opt for things that they will need. Gadget gifts are a great option – portable phone power banks, a quality pair of headphones, beautiful quality leather belts or wallets that will stand the test of time. Men’s skincare is another amazing way to go this Christmas as more and more men begin to take note of their appearance and look to pop culture and well-known male influencers.

Armed with these tips, go forth and begin your Christmas shopping with a bit more focus that will ensure the season of goodwill is as stress-free as possible.

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