Who Changes Their Own Flat!

Let's say you're on the road, when you suddenly realize you've got a flat tyre. Do you get teary eyed and call roadside assistance/your boyfriend/your husband? No. This is the time to prove your real life womanly abilities.

In a recent poll of 1,600 men, 52 per cent admitted they would keep on driving if they spotted a woman motorist who had suffered a puncture – despite feeling guilty about it.

It seems modern man is worried they would seem sexist for assuming a woman cannot change a tyre on her own, the poll revealed.

Ladies, who among us actually knows how to change a flat tyre?

Just in case you don't know and it ever happen's to you, let its4women walk you through the process of changing a flat.

Who Changes Their Own Flat?

Be Prepared

You SHOULD have everything you need to change a flat in the back of your vehicle, but double check that everything is there and in proper working order.

Park in a Safe Spot

If you have a flat tyre, park your car off the road in a well-lit area. Ensure you have enough room to change the tyre and you’re not in the way of oncoming traffic. Don’t park on dirt or grass because your jack may become unstable. Turn your emergency lights on and raise your bonnet so that emergency services etc know you need help.

Changing a Tyre is the Easy Part!

  • Find your tyre changing equipment in your vehicle
  • Before removing the tyre be sure the vehicle's handbrake is engaged
  • Use your tyre tool to take off your wheel cap (if you have one) and loosen the nuts
  • Place the jack under the edge of the car near the tyre that is deflated (consult the owner's manual for the right places to put the jack)
  • Jack up the vehicle (approx 6 inches)
  • Once the vehicle has been raised to it's appropriate height loosen the nuts the remaining way and remove the tyre
  • After sliding the spare tyre on screw the nuts back on finger tight
  • Lower the vehicle until the weight of the car is on the tyre and you can't spin the tyre freely
  • Use the tyre iron to tighten the nuts as tight as you can get them
  • After tightening the nuts, lower the car the rest of the way and remove the jack
  • Place the flat tyre in the place of the spare or replace all your tools and you are ready to go

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "Because the location and type of spare tyre differs from one vehicle to the next, if you aren't familiar with your vehicle it's a good idea to check out the spare and the jack etc before trouble occurs."

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