Why Women Should Get More Sleep and Men Should Get Up More!

This is probably the news that we have all been waiting for! New research suggests that it is beneficial for women to be getting the chance to sleep in while men should get up and do the morning duties like getting children ready or making some breakfast while you catch some extra zzzz of a morning.

Why Women Should Get More Sleep

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has recently published a report that details its findings on the impact that extra sleep can have for women. Apparently, getting those few minutes of precious extra sleep could possibly reduce a woman’s risk of diabetes. An interesting prospect surely. Any excuse for some extra duvet time is OK by me.

On the flip side, it was reported that men who spend more time sleeping actually have a higher chance of developing it! In a series of experiments, experts recorded the amount of sleep that 800 men and women had and cross-checked this with their levels of insulin in the body. The participants wore a special device that tracked their sleep and were subsequently tested how effective their body was able to use insulin.

Men Should Get Up More

It was discovered that when the women slept for longer than the average 7 hours and 18 minutes had bodies that were better at using insulin and the longer they slept, the more responsive they were to the hormone, suggesting a reduce risk of diabetes!

However, as for the male participants, when they slept more than the average amount, their ability to use insulin was actually cut, potentially meaning that they are at a higher risk of diabetes.

So the moral of the story is that we should all enjoy a nice lie in this weekend while asking the men in our lives to sort out all the morning hum-drum.

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